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Borders - Illustrated Discussions

Borders was created by two migrants and based on the words of different people from all over the world. The issue of borders is a nuanced one, with impacts on personal and social level that have become particularly important in recent years.

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About The Book

It’s impossible not to have a discussion about an issue like that. But a discussion means listening just as much as talking.

This is what Abriele Skaite (the artist) and Thanos Kyratzis (the writer) were thinking when they conceived Borders. The book contains 15 interviews on borders as a concept from people whom Abriele and Thanos are lucky to know. Then those interviews became 15 double-paged illustrations.

Award achievements

BORDERS: Illustrated Discussions was awarded with the 2020 John Byrne Award for being reasoned, constructive and compelling. The book will also be taught in Siena Heights University, in Cincinnati, Illinois and in webinars of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

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Given that the e-book file is in PDF format, you can practically enjoy reading it anywhere.

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What's Inside The Book

Book Description

The book is 40 pages long, including a foreword, 15 double-paged full-colour illustrated interviews, and a thorough thank-you page. The e-book file is 1.5 Giga allowing you to take in all the detail of Abriele's work.


This book goes out to all the people that made their travels and journeys and let us be parts of them. There would be nothing, if it weren’t for them.


It started as a discussion of things we had in common differently. At that point, all of us had an opinion about that issue, whether it was from ourselves or from someone we knew. That was how BORDERS began, but don’t know where it will end. It’s one of those BORDERS that hopefully will surprise its readers as much as it did its creators. All of us have something to say, because all of us view borders in various ways. So we’re trying to examine the subjectivity of an objective reality.


A journey is a fragile thing that we never know when it starts, finishes or keeps going. We hold it dearly, praise it and dream about it never stopping. This where we, Thanos and Abriele, are right now. But we couldn’t have even started if it weren’t for the people that supported us on Kickstarter, that stuck with us when we doubted ourselves and the unpredictable road that brought us here.


Kinds Words From Readers

Know More About The Authors

Thanos Kyratzis

I'm Thanos, I write all sorts of things, I have three plants, two cats and I'm lucky enough to be friends with probably the most incredible people in the world. I have lived in 4 countries for various amounts of time (Greece, UK, Spain, Germany), I have family in even more, and friends all over the place (you can say I am a bit all over the place myself). That's why I started Borders.

You can find me at:

  • Favourite quirk: Likes getting lost when travelling
  • Dream place: Any place that inspires a story - so, everywhere.
  • Favourite plant: Basil
Know More About The Authors

Abriele Skaite

I am Abriele. My real name is Gabriele, but my online friends know me better as Abriele Skaite. So far, I have lived in 3 different countries (Lithuania, Morocco, Scotland), I can speak 3 languages, I have 3 cats, and my favourite number is 3. When Thanos and I first time properly talked, he suggested creating a project together (or maybe I said it). The next day, he pitched me the idea behind Borders. I said, let’s try, and let’s see what’s gonna happen. Little did I know, that it is gonna happen soon, It is happening now. Like everything in life.

You can find me at:


I co-created BORDERS because other people have inspired me. So, if you have something to say, something to ask, or want to share something you can contact me.